Get It In

We had to move mountains to get the 4 Sibs settled with my awesome, rock star parents for 1.5 days but the moving of mountains was worth it. The lack of sleep, late night packing, cleaning our house, preparing dance attire, costume attire, lunches, day care bag, snacks etc was all worth it. Getting to my parents about 45 minutes away from home, super late was worth it. Waking up after a few hours of sleep to find out that we locked the working key in the car the night before, setting off the car alarm once we discovered a way in and rushing to the airport was worth it. It was all worth it to spend 24 hrs together in Austin during my awesome and super amazing husband's birthday. We got it in! That time together as best friends, spouses, lovers is so precious. We get it in because it brings us peace. What do you get in that brings you peace?
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